Gear for the Journey

Committing to societal metamorphosis — going for a Blue Star Future — involves setting out on a long and challenging journey. Many would argue that we “can’t get there from here.” And they would be right, assuming we limited ourselves to the “Stories and Structures” that dominate today’s worldview.

Humanity has access to everything it needs to find its way to a Blue Star Future, but the path is mostly invisible to us. Some of the territory between today and a Blue Star Future has been probed by a number of pioneers but never fully explored, much less mapped.

What is the nature of this journey? How do we prepare for it? What gear do we need for this worldwide action-learning expedition?

This journey involves the mother of all paradigm shifts — a shift from a 5000-year history of mostly patriarchal social systems with their reliance on violence, hierarchy, authoritarianism, separatism, and other wholeness-diminishing “-isms” too numerous to list.

Gear for the Journey includes an extensive collection of lenses, frameworks and models designed to support our journey toward a Blue Star Future. Together they provide new ways of seeing as well as boundary-bridging and innovation-evoking language. Each of the images in the “carousel” at the top of the home page can become an important portal into a wholeness-centric worldview. With use over time, the most relevant ones will become increasingly illuminating and value-adding.


  • Recognize that each of these images is intended to expand and deepen our vision of what’s possible. They enable more generative conversations than are possible when restricted to habitual language and ways of seeing.
  • Read the write-ups for each of the carousel images to begin to get a feel for their respective ways of seeing.
  • Apply most relevant of these lenses and frameworks to a social system (e.g. organization) that is important to you. It is especially useful to do this with others who share your commitment.
  • Where the images are directly relevant and the people involved become comfortable with the new viewpoints, you have an opening to move into new territory.
  • Lastly, these concepts, lenses and models are not meant to be static, immutable “monuments of our wisdom.” Rather, they are designed to evolve and benefit from the experience and growing wisdom of practitioners – evolutionary architects – that are part of GlobalGEA and beyond. Each of the write-ups is intentionally formatted as a post. We welcome your thoughtful comments and invite you to participate in evolving this wondrous body of knowledge!

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