What Is GlobalGEA?

GlobalGEA (Global Guild of Evolutionary Architects) is an emerging global web of evolutionary architects committed to reinventing of our social systems in a way that best serves all of life — for all time. More specifically, GlobalGEA aims to achieve three mutually reinforcing breakthroughs in the design of social systems:

1. From today’s narrow/myopic definitions of success to defining success in terms of net contribution to the well-being of all life.
2. From today’s control-over-people designs to designing to unleash the full potential of people.
3. From social systems that resist learning and change to social systems designed to consciously self-evolve.

At GlobalGEA, we see these breakthroughs as absolutely essential in solving and healing today’s spreading and deepening global crises, and building a prosperous, fulfilling and nourishing society that works for all life.

Why GlobalGEA?

There are thousands of wonderfully generative initiatives committed to addressing our myriad local and global crises. However, we know of no initiative focused on what we see as the root cause of essentially all of these crises — fundamentally flawed social architecture.

Our various social systems (education, healthcare, commerce, governance, media — our organizations, communities, etc.) seem to be trapped by their dysfunctional social architecture without realizing that, collectively, these systems have been “perfectly designed” to produce today’s crises.

Ironically, we have all the “raw material” we need to re-invent our social systems. However,

  • The special expertise for this transformational work is scattered.
  • There is little to no infrastructure in place to support such a societal metamorphosis.
  • Adequate resources (e.g. leadership attention, funding, spacious time) have not been dedicated to developing, planning and carrying out this profound undertaking.

GlobalGEA aims to fill these gaps by:

  • Identifying, attracting, developing and connecting that global expertise which is best equipped to support the local and regional metamorphoses of our social systems.
  • Developing the infrastructures that (a) support the development of GlobalGEA as a robust resource to local/regional initiatives, and (b) support co-creative collaboration within and among these initiatives.
  • Attracting global and regional resources in support of this transformational work.

GlobalGEA’s Core Features

  • The purpose of GlobalGEA is to attract and connect that global expertise best equipped to support leadership committed to the metamorphosis of our social systems throughout the planet.
  • GlobalGEA will focus on identifying, understanding, appreciating, connecting, developing, challenging, supporting and promoting diverse evolutionary architects whose work is directly relevant to our mission of societal metamorphosis.
  • 10X Principle: We seek to work with those systems, leaders and providers who are committed to at least a 10X improvement in their lasting contribution to the well-being of life they affect.
  • GlobalGEA’s commitment is to wholeness, with respect both to vertical levels of system and the horizontal embracing of diverse sectors, functions, domains, specialties, aspects of being, etc. The commitment to focus on a region as the primary unit of design is based on this drive toward wholeness.
  • GlobalGEA intends to operate as a consciously evolving social entity — a generative action-learning organism.
  • GlobalGEA will consist of a growing network of generative alliances, each making an important contribution to the emergence of a robust, entrepreneurially driven generative business ecosystem.
  • GlobalGEA is strongly committed to its financial sustainability; we intend to pay equal attention to “doing well” and “doing good” from the start.

GlobalGEA’s near term objective is to attract allies and grow generative alliances with those pioneering players and organizational entities who are ready and able to step up to this great evolutionary challenge and opportunity. GlobalGEA intends to do so in a way that not only gains traction and grows credibility, but also supports all involved in “doing well by doing good.”

The GlobalGEA initiative, guided by Bill Veltrop and Max Shkud, is being launched in 2012.

For more information about us we invite you to explore the GlobalGEA FAQ.

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