GlobalGEA Manifesto

1. “All systems are perfectly designed… to get the results they get.” Our local and global crises are a logical consequence of the flawed design of our social systems (education, healthcare, commerce, governance — our organizations, communities, etc.) It is possible for each of these man-made social forms to do at least a 10X better job of making a lasting contribution to the well-being of the life they affect.

2. Together we can co-create a social architecture that supports these social systems in developing their capacity to become self-evolving, and do so in ways that multiply their contribution to the well-being of all life, for all time. There are HUGE disaster-avoiding and new opportunity-unleashing benefits that will accrue from developing/implementing social architecture that can bring us into an era of consciously evolving social systems. Together, we can do it.

3. To take root and spread, this social architecture will need to be inherently generative, e.g.,

- Synergy-seeking — drawing from cutting edge technological, environmental, social and contextual design domains.
- Applicable to all kinds of social systems, and at all levels of system.
- Appreciatively built on what’s already generative — those existing initiatives that are alive and enlivening.
- Transcend today’s pervasive patterns of divisiveness; challenging us to channel to the energies of conflict into energies of co-creative collaboration.
- Designed with the capacity for on-going self-evolution to ever-higher levels of contribution to the well-being of all life.

4. What’s needed is a societal metamorphosis, an irreversible transformation of our organizing forms, a shift in beliefs and culture unlike anything seen in our short history as a species.

5. The metamorphosis of our social systems can become as natural for human society as it is throughout the rest of nature. The emergence of the Information Age within the last half century has set the stage for an Age of Conscious Evolution — an era when humans demonstrate what’s possible when we design our social systems to serve the well-being of all life — for all time.

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