MISA (The Monterey Institute for Social Architecture) is a growing community of allies who are committed to maximize their contribution to the well-being of all life — for all time. MISA sees the future of life on our planet hinging on humanity developing its capacity to transform its social systems (education, healthcare, commerce, governance — our organizations, communities, etc.) in a way that supports us realizing our full potential as humans.

MISA was founded in 2007 by Mike Thomas, FireHawk Hulin, Peter Gaarn and Bill Veltrop.

MISA currently has two complementary strategic thrusts, both dedicated to promoting and supporting a metamorphosis of social systems throughout our planet:

  • Local transformational initiatives could be place-centric (e.g., community, city, regional metamorphosis) or focused on a pioneering organization (e.g., corporation, institution).  In any event the GALE Approach would be utilized to develop the local expertise, infrastructure and resources required to provide those systems with the capacity to transform themselves in ways that multiply their contribution to the well-being of all life affected by that system.
  • GlobalGEA is expertise-centric, identifying, connecting and developing that expertise most relevant to supporting place-centric initiatives at any level of system (organizational, community and/or regional) and also “making a market” for that expertise.

As these two strategic thrusts develop and learn to “dance” in synergistic ways, they will combine to form a society-evolving, world-wide generatative business ecosystem.

MISA intends for active generative alliances to provide the primary “structural” definition of both strategic thrusts. Such alliances are seen as becoming a ubiquitous design element that helps accelerate the emergence of an Age of Conscious Evolution, an era where all social systems increasingly measure their success in terms of their net contribution to all life — for all time.

MISA sees both strategic thrusts as being primarily fueled by a new breed of entrepreneurs committed to the emergence of this new definition of success — “entrepreneurs for wholeness.”

MISA’s structure is not static. Its form will be dependent on the nature, quality and efficacy of the purpose, relationships and agreements within and among these alliances. MISA intends to operate as a consciously evolving social entity — a generative action-learning organism.

To date, MISA has focused most of its “place-based” efforts on supporting community college change initiatives in Salinas Valley/Monterey Bay and Los Angeles regions. In addition, there have been “seed-planting” initiatives in the Wellington, NZ and Silicon Valley regions.

The GlobalGEA initiative, led by Bill Veltrop and Max Shkud, was launched in early 2012.

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