Are You a GRIP — A Game-Ready Infinite Player?

You share most of these personal characteristics:

  • You feel a personal responsibility for developing and giving your special gifts in a way that makes a lasting difference.
  • You are “possessed” by an “entrepreneurial spirit” — a determination to manifest a vision and to bring something new to society — in a way that makes a lasting contribution to the well-being of life.
  • You love to pioneer, push the envelope, explore outside your box, experiment with new ways of seeing and being. You are an “Innovator” and/or “Early Adopter.” You’re an avid learner and attracted by those who share your commitment to growth and development.
  • You are undaunted by the challenges of high-altitude, big picture visioning, deep inner exploration, and acting with boldness and immediacy.
  • You are successful in your work and you sense a higher destiny lying beyond your current horizons.
  • You consider personal inner work as foundational to your work in and for the world, and want to spend time with those who share this commitment.
  • You’re on a path—your journey “has you.” You’re convinced there’s a larger process at work, and you want to learn how best to flow with that process.
  • You have a deep sense that you are not in this alone—that we’re all in this together. You are ready to engage with that special web of co-creative relationships that will support you in this next phase of our human journey.

More specifically —

  • You are a leader and/or provider who can make a difference — especially in the transformation of our social systems.
  • You are “game-ready.” You are ready to step up to and into “the greatest story ever un-folded,” the story of how “players” throughout out planet take responsibility for the future of life on our planet.
  • You can imagine yourself setting out on a life-changing journey with other GRIPs to discover your individual and collective highest purpose — to advance the work you are here to do in this lifetime.
  • You are ready to develop and evolve your particular leadership/provider role in moving our organizations, our neighborhoods, our regions and our planet toward a Blue Star Future.
  • You see the possibility that this GlobalGEA initiative could be your path —
    * To your highest purpose
    * To personal and relational transformation
    * To the full development of your unique gifts
    * To discovering who you’re intended to ally with on this great journey
    * To making a 10-100X difference in your lasting contribution to the well-being of life.

If all of the above feels like a fit for you, we recommend that you explore this site in depth and then check out our Offer, Request and Promise.

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