Each great evolutionary shift has brought us new social forms, new language, been entrepreneurially driven, and produced new kinds of wealth. The next evolutionary shift will —

  • Bring us new social forms and new language
  • Be entrepreneurially driven — mostly “well-being-centered”
  • Produce enormous new wealth — “true wealth” in all aspects of well-being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as financial.

The Information Age has accelerated our rate of change exponentially. Our learning curve is very steep — almost vertical. We are growing a global “nervous system” that transcends today’s social structures. The stage is set for the next great evolutionary leap of humanity.

We believe that this leap will require the reinvention of our social systems. Just as the vacuum tube and the buggy have been rendered obsolete by technological innovation, so many of our assumptions about how to organize our social systems will be rendered obsolete by social innovation.

The next big thing isn’t a thing.

Up until now, humanity’s great evolutionary shifts were “thing-centric” with social system ripples as a side effect. The next great evolutionary shift will reverse that relationship. An “Age of Conscious Evolution” based on a “living systems” rather than our current “mechanistic, reductionistic” way of seeing reality calls for fundamental shifts in the nature and use of our “things.”


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