The Next Big Thing Isn’t a Thing

The next really “Big Thing” needed by all life on our planet is a renaissance in the social architecture of our society. Our social systems – commerce, finance, education, healthcare, government, media, etc. – are suffering the consequences of archaic and fundamentally flawed design. The three major design flaws are:

These design flaws are so pervasive, commonplace and longstanding that they are as water to a fish — invisible. Yet essentially all of the local and global crises afflicting life on our planet – poverty, hunger, unemployment, terrorism, environmental, endless wars, species extinction, etc. – are a result of these flaws.

Our renaissance in social architecture — the reinvention of our social systems — will reverse these design flaws — and change everything.

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Destination Blue Star

We have the potential to co-create a future that works for all life — for all time. Realizing this potential requires deep personal and systemic metamorphosis in every sector and at every level of our society. ‘Destination Blue Star’ is GlobalGEA’s strategic framework for guiding our complex social systems (regions, cities, corporations, institutions, etc.) on the journey from where we are to who we can become humanity’s highest potential.

At the highest level, Destination Blue Star takes the form of a network of regional and/or city initiatives united by the bold vision of each region/city developing its unique capacity to support its social systems in realizing their highest potential to uniquely serve all life they impact.

Our main approach and ‘vehicle of choice’ for navigating this transition is GALEgenerative action-learning expedition.

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‘Project 10X’ for Organizations

Never has the business environment been so challenging and performance bar so high for organizations. Businesses must learn to innovate, perform and adapt better, faster and more economically than ever before – while still continuing to deliver their short- and medium-term results. That’s a steep hill to climb even with the best people. Yet according to Gallup, over two-thirds of Americans are disengaged at work.

In solving this conundrum, business leaders are faced with three critical challenges:

Project 10X is a strategic capacity-building framework that helps organizations address these three challenges in way that is organic, truly generative and lasting, weaving systems-change expertise throughout the fabric of the organization.

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The Next Big Thing...

“The Next Big Thing Isn’t a Thing” – Bill Veltrop at the Silicon Valley Innovation Institute from The Cinematic Syndicate.

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