This post presents one view of how a generative action-learning infrastructure might be bootstrapped into being in a region.

A Regional Metamorphosis Initiative (RMI) grows exponentially — All aspects of an RMI are intended to be generative, inherently enlivening, self-regulating, self-improving, self-propagating and self-evolving. As participating players develop their capacity to organize their action-learning and entrepreneurial initiatives in this way, the growth is natural and unpredictable.

The prior great ages of humanity (Hunter/Gatherer, Agrarian, Industrial and Information Ages) all began in small and inauspicious ways. However the rate of exponential growth has been increasing with each new age. It took a couple of decades for the Information Age to get real traction throughout our planet. Thanks to Information Age breakthroughs and the abundance of global crises, the Age of Conscious evolution can gain traction within the next few years. Growing a RMI is an ideal way to surf on this tsunami.

This is not bandaid approach. The further a region goes down this transformational path, the more collective wisdom emerges within and among its social systems. As the root causes of our regional and global ills begin to be identified and addressed, the RMI will begin to involve the “Early Majority” and then the “Late Majority.”

The detailed depiction of the first three years of this hypothetical RMI illustrates a scenario where there is a strong leadership commitment to go for it. In this imagined RMI unfolding there is a series of meetings with sponsoring leadership followed by three “Regional Leadership Intensives”, each providing a week-long transformational immersion experience for a couple of dozen potential RMI leaders/practitioners. This is followed by a 2-3 day gathering where “Wisdom Accelerator” methodology is used to create a first pass vision for the region, and to identify which organizations, neighborhoods, issues and opportunities will serve to prototype this RMI.

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