The Monarch caterpillar has been gifted with the capacity to construct a chrysalis perfectly designed to support it in the miracle of its metamorphosis.

We need a social architecture that would support our species in consciously evolving ourselves and the many social forms we inhabit. If the caterpillar can pull this off, why not us?

The overall form is not especially new. We see a partial version used throughout organizations, e.g., regularly scheduled planning and accountability meetings to coordinate/manage the organization’s A-work. Outside of organizations, 12-step programs and on-going therapy sessions follow this pattern, as does the practice of going to a golf or tennis pro routinely to analyze and evolve your game.

What is different about a “Chrysalis Work DNA Strand?”

  • Each of the many teams that make up a region’s capacity-building infrastructure would be designed and implemented in a way that best supported the evolution of the team members, their relationshis with other teams and their contribution to the transformation of the region. This would be as true for the “Regional Stewards for the Future” team as it would be for “Neighborhood Chrysalis Teams” or the “Regional R&D Teams.”
  • All would make use of personal and team 10X commitments to support out-of-box learning.
  • Growing Blue Zone quality relationships and agreements in the service of their contribution to the region’s Blue Star mission would be a high priority.
  • All would be engaged in some aspect of regional B/C-work, measuring their success by their contribution to the well-being of life in the region. They would be tracking the nature, reach and quality of their ripples through time and geographies.
  • Each DNA strand would be provided the time, space, context and support to explore and inhabit new patterns of seeing, thinking, being and interacting.

We believe it’s useful to think in terms of a decade-long journey to evolve the capacity for chrysalis work throughout a region. The various strands would be interwoven virtually and through various face-to-face gatherings to support on-going synergy-seeking exploration and entrepreneurial activity.

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