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We live in a world of entangled social systems (governance, education, health care, business, agriculture, “defense,” media, etc.) Collectively, these systems have us trapped in unsustainable patterns of consumption, strife, unemployment, inequity and environmental degradation. Very few of these systems are designed to be conscious of or accountable for these unsustainable patterns.

We’re at a choice point as a species:

  1. We can stick to “busines as usual” — a recipe for ever-increasing global crises and bequeath a disastrous future to our children and grand children.
  2. We can evolve our social systems in a way that maximizes their contribution to the well-being of all life.

The GALE approach to organizational, regional and city capacity building is designed to bridge from Choice 1 to Choice 2 — to shift from our current Red-Orange-Yellow Zone trajectory to a Green-Blue Zone trajectory. GALE – Generative Action-Learning Expedition – is our name for action-learning infrastructures that enable a given social system (e.g. organization, institution, region, city) to grow its capacity to become consciously self-evolving — to adapt to a changing world in a way that best serves all life.

The GALE approach to organizational learning and change is applicable at all levels of system in ways that support deep metamorphosis — at individual, organizational and regional/city levels.

Our organizations and regions are not designed with the capacity to learn and transform themselves. The GALE approach provides the scaffolding required to grow that capacity and weave it throughout the fabric of today’s social systems.

What is the GALE approach?

GALE is a unique developmental strategy designed to grow the systemic capacity for sustainable learning and change within a system, in a way that continually increases the system’s contribution to the wellbeing of all life.

GlobalGEA’s design of GALE is guided by the following fundamental principles:

  • It is 10X commitment-based for all participants and entities — every step of the way. The GALE approach works when in the service of leadership who are deeply committed to making a large and lasting difference, and are truly ready to make a leap and invest in going for it.
  • A Purpose-driven, results-oriented, future-focused developmental strategy: All research, development and implementation activity is in the service of movement toward a shared future vision.
  • A quest, an adventure-filled journey, to explore and inhabit a future where humanity is consciously evolving its social systems in ways that best serve the well-being of all of life, for all time.
  • Action and learning are multiplicative: All learning in service of generative actions; all actions designed to generate learning ripples.
  • The GALE approach supports on-going, ever-evolving systemic learning — a necessity in a rapidly changing world.
  • It is earth-based — is grounded in the reality that we are all not only totally dependent on the Earth for our health and well-being, but uniquely equipped to develop a co-creative partnership with the rest of nature in the service of the evolution and well-being of all of life.
  • —It is grounded in place – listening deeply to the place and its inhabitants — unleashing their full potential — actualizing their highest destiny.
  • It is inherently appreciative — A commitment to growing synergy-seeking relationships with existing initiatives that can contribute to the larger vision.
  • It is wholeness-centric — Learning and developing from wholeness toward wholeness, every step of the way. It transcends the separatist philosophies, ideologies, designs and practices endemic to most all of today’s social systems
  • It embodies a Blue Star Future — is a collective commitment to evolve “Blue Zone” relationships and agreements among its participants and in all of its immediate and extended stakeholder families.
  • It is designed to develop expertise in a way that any given GALE (and its off-springs) become self-sustaining, self-regulating, self-propagating and self-evolving.
  • Designed to maximize generative ripples both within the system and extending to other allied systems.

GALE can be initiated at any level of system: individual, organizational, city and/or regional:

  • For individuals GALE could look like Pathfinder Circles, an advanced leadership development laboratory where participants engage in a 10X commitment-based journey — from where they are to who they are — an 11-year success story.
  • For organizations it could look like Project 10X – a low cost, low risk, action-learning initiative designed to organically grow an organization’s leadership and capacity to effectively address complex, non-linear, whole-system challenges.
  • For a regional/city metamorphosis initiative, GALE would be tailored to the unique needs, opportunities and aspirations of that region. GALE would be the approach to systemic learning and change in all sectors, geographies and levels of system throughout the region.

A typical GALE starts with a GALE Leadership Intensive – an introductory transformational experience designed to equip 18-24 leaders/practitioners to play pioneering roles in shaping and implementing a startup strategy for their system’s transformational journey.

What distinguishes the GALE approach?

The GALE approach can be introduced and evolved within any given region, city and/or organization in a way that —

  • Is woven throughout the fabric of that system to continually improve the efficacy and the highest purpose of that system and its subsystems.
  • Substantially improves the resilience and adaptability of the overall system and each of its parts.
  • Grows and distributes the collective intelligence/wisdom of the system.
  • Strengthens the quality of relationships and agreements with interdependent systems.
  • Enables the system and all of its parts to become self-improving, self propagating and self-evolving.
  • Will become viral — capable of spreading throughout the system and its extended stakeholder family.

How might the GALE approach be initiated at an organization, city and/or regional level?

  • If your commitment is to explore the possibility for an ‘organizational metamorphosis’ initiative, then Project 10X could be an ideal low risk, high potential engagement with GlobalGEA
  • If your commitment is to explore the possibility for a city or regional metamorphosis initiative, then you may want to consider the 5-Day GALE Leadership Intensive as an ideal 1st step

If you are energized by either possibility, please contact Max Shkud or Bill Veltrop. We would be delighted to engage in an exploratory conversation with you.

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