GlobalGEA is seeking to evolve a generative alliance with a world-shifting Transmedia Team to advance this mission:

Irreversible Societal Metamorphosis By 2020

By “societal metamorphosis” we mean a fundamental transformation of our social systems — from social organisms that are collectively caterpillar-like (myopic, growth and consumption-centric) to social organisms that touch the earth lightly and are committed to maximize their unique contributions to the well-being of all life that they touch — directly or indirectly.

Why This Movement? Why Now?

The society we have built is not working for humanity, much less for the rest of life on our planet. Scientists have been warning us that if we continue on our current trajectory, the degradation of our natural support systems can become irreversible. As our natural support systems collapse, so will our civilization.

The time is ripe to launch a societal metamorphosis movement — where we consciously co-create a future that is not only sustainable, but can take our species to unimaginably higher levels of well-being.

What’s New and Unique About This Movement?

While it is true that there are many initiatives, organizations and even movements around the world advancing social, economic and environmental improvements and changes, most are “siloed”; too many are focused on the symptoms rather than the fundamental causes of our crises and ills. The Societal Metamorphosis Movement is different in these important ways:

  • It focuses on the root cause of our socio-economic-environmental crises – our poorly designed social systems
  • It embraces the full spectrum of the transformational challenge and opportunity: from individual to systemic to global
  • It aims to reinvent and “reweave” the very fabric of our society – the social architecture of our systems
  • It is wholeness-centric: designing from wholeness toward wholeness every step of the way
  • It is integrative in nature, building on many domains of human knowledge – from evolutionary sciences to arts and spirituality
  • It draws from the remarkable genius, deep wisdom and startling elegance of 4.5 billion years of evolutionary R&D
  • It is deeply and decisively appreciative, drawing from the myriad generative initiatives and transformational movements springing up throughout our planet
  • It embraces the region as the ideal unit of design.

Why Ally with a Media Team at This Stage?

Our broad strategy for making this great evolutionary leap can be summarized in Our Next Evolutionary Leap model. Our “Stories” shape our “Structures.” (By “Stories” we mean our inner and outer conversations, our visions, our dreams, our fears, our metaphors, our beliefs, our values, etc.) Together, our Stories and Structures shape our Patterns of thinking, working, living, consuming, etc., which in turn are the source of most all of our local/global crises.

If we want radically different results, we need radically different Patterns, which in turn require that we shift our Stories and our Structures.

It is much easier to change Stories than Structures, thus
Stories are the place to start.

Changing our Structures is always challenging and generally painful. Changing our Stories is also very challenging, but very feasible, thanks to the explosion of transmedia capabilities that have emerged with the Digital Age. We’re convinced that co-creating our new story could become one of the most joy-filled and gratifying collective experiences we can conjure up as a species. To paraphrase Buckminster Fuller, you never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, create a new story that makes the existing story obsolete.

This is where you, a world-class transmedia team, can play a “trim-tab” role in altering the current trajectory of “Spaceship Earth.” Your mission, should you choose to embrace it, would include ample opportunities to:

  • Pioneer a new role of media in society – from merely reflecting “what is” to leading the way to “what can be”, from perpetuating the ill-functioning status-quo to illuminating and animating the most generative futures for humanity and the rest of life on our planet
  • Demonstrate the power and magic of story in shaping a new social reality, worldview and language – a Blue Zone culture
  • Collaborate and co-create with many established and emerging visionaries, luminaries and leaders in the fields of societal transformation, scientific research, governance, media and many more
  • Play a key role in creating a generative business ecosystem of allies that maximizes “doing well” and “doing good” from the start
  • Fully immerse in and be shaped by this grand action-learning adventure to imagine and co-create a prosperous, fulfilling and nourishing society that works for all life — for all time.

Needless to say, this audacious undertaking is not for the fainthearted. Thus we are looking for a world-class transmedia team with diverse talents and capacities, a team that leads with courage, commitment and entrepreneurial creativity. More specifically, this dream team:

  • Is made up of game-ready infinite players (GRIPs)
  • Either has or can readily access expertise for weaving film, television, online, print, gaming and social media in the service of co-creating the greatest story ever unfolded — how we are collectively making the leap into an era where individuals and our social systems all become committed to maximize their unique contribution to the well-being of all life they affect
  • Have the expertise to develop and evolve their role and business model in a way that is mutually nurturing to all involved — that helps establish “doing good” as a means of “doing well”
  • Has the connections and/or chops to secure the capital to support this grand adventure
  • Has the persistence and the patience to find its way to the “elegant simplicity that lies on the other side of today’s complexity”
  • Is imaginative and fearless in developing alliances with the countless entities that will need to be attracted into this infinite game
  • Is committed to evolve the application of transmedia expertise in a way that grows that capacity in those pioneering regions we are to serve.

Is this description a good match for your talents, capacities and passions? Does the idea of embarking on this grand adventure with fellow GRIPs intrigue and energize you? Do you see this work as YOURS to do? If so, we want to hear from you!

Alternatively, if you know of other transmedia luminaries and/or teams that would be intrigued by the possibilities we sketch out in this proposal, we ask for your help in connecting us with them!

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