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“The best of times and the worst of times.” We’re at an unprecedented choice point on our evolutionary journey. We didn’t have this choice 20 years ago. We have this choice today.

We can choose —

Business as usual, our default choice, and risk slipping into an irreversible death spiral for life on our planet. Our systems in the regions comprising the greater San Francisco are mostly in the Yellow Zone with a good measure of Orange and a dollop of Green. The diminishing resilience of our global life support systems and the increasing instability of many of our social systems suggest we’re on a slippery slope. “Business as usual” is what got us here. The slope is getting more slippery and steeper. Incrementally improving business as usual will merely delay the global disastor implicit in our current trajectory.

OR, we can choose to set out on a journey toward a “Blue Star Future” — a future where we free ourselves from our man-made constraints, where we wake up to who we are and who we can be — our full potential. We need to be able to imagine and enact a future that equips us to collectively transform our myriad local and global breakdowns into breakthroughs. We need to make an evolutionary leap as profound as the invention of photosynthesis.

Business as usual is the easy choice. It doesn’t require will or courage. Going for a Blue Star Future is akin to John F. Kennedy’s committing “to land a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth within the decade.” It’s a huge undertaking.

What’s at stake? Nothing less than everything. What value do we, as a species, place on transforming today’s global crises into a portal — a passage into a future where all of our social systems are designed to benefit all of life? What value do we place on avoiding sliding into a future dominated by poverty, hunger, disease, terror and ever-decreasing resources?

GlobalGEA’s commitment is to support leaders and practitioners throughout our planet in choosing to go for a Blue Star Future, and to support these pioneers in this audacious journey.

Goethe is our patron saint on making this choice: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

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