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Three tacit “mechanistic” design principles dominate today’s social systems. Three “conscious living systems” design principles can help move us into the Age of Conscious Evolution.

The three design principles in the Mechanistic Systems column are not written anywhere. They are what we infer from the patterns of speaking and acting within a social system. For example, if you were setting out to design a social system to resist systemic learning and change you’d have no trouble finding examples. Government, Education and Health Care would be at or near the top of a long list of learning and change resistant systems.

Humans (men, mostly) have tacitly embraced design principles for our social forms based on a mechanistic, separatist worldview. Our social systems, in turn, shape our patterns of thinking, working, living and communicating.

 First we shape our structures, then our structures shape us.

 We have a future-shaping choice here. We don’t have to stay shackled by archaic design principles. Men and women together can choose design principles that will lead to generative life-enhancing social forms.

The Regional Metamorphosis movement is a commitment to discover pathways into a future that enable us to break free of the gravitational pull of our ancient freedom-constraining, innovation-stifling man-made design principles. The time has come to consciously choose to design our social systems in a way that will work for all of life. The three conscious living system design principles are keys to our entering new evolutionary territory.

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