GlobalGEA.net is the web-home for GlobalGEA, an emerging global network of evolutionary architects committed to developing themselves and their work in a way that maximizes their collective contribution to reinventing our social systems and pioneering societal metamorphosis worldwide.

The website contains an extensive collection of “gear” – seed ideas, lenses, tools, strategies, resources, stories, theory, and more – all highly relevant to the formidable challenge (and incredible opportunity) of promoting and supporting the metamorphosis of social systems throughout our extraordinary planet. This gear is drawn from an extraordinary breadth and depth of experience with transformational work on the part of a wide range of practitioners, thought leaders, transformational leaders and teachers from throughout our planet.

We invite you to explore this wealth of material at your own pace and in a sequence of your choosing; follow your intuition and see what draws you in most. If you sense a “pull” that is stronger than curiosity – when your urge to act becomes irresistible, we invite you to study GlobalGEA’s Offer, Request and Promise for ways to engage with us.

A brief overview of the site content:

What is GlobalGEA? — describes this emerging global network at a high level and provides rationale for its launch.

GlobalGEA Manifesto is our “stake in the ground” – our deep beliefs and unwavering commitments that inform our work.

Our Philosophy — Believing is Seeing – describes the philosophy undergirding this site. If you feel a resonance with this set of beliefs, you will find this site to be a portal into a dramatically different kind of future for you and for those you are committed to serve.

What is MISA? - describes MISA, the Monterey Institute for Social Architecture, GlobalGEA’s sponsor and key ally.

Are you a GRIP? Check out this profile. If it’s a fit for you, we urge you to dive deeply into this web site and connect with us.

What is Regional Metamorphosis? describes MISA’s parallel place-centric strategy intended to develop the local expertise, infrastructure and resources that support its social systems in transforming themselves in ways that multiply their contribution to the well-being of all life in that place (community, organization, region, etc.)

FAQ provides a wealth of information about GlobalGEA and various related concepts and terms. If you have a question, chances are that our FAQ has the answer for you!

The Reinventing Social Architecture pages take you into “deeper waters.”

The Next Big Thing Isn’t a Thing provides a big-picture view of the incredible challenge and opportunity before us at this moment in our evolutionary journey.

GALE Approach — describes GALE (Generative Action-Learning Expedition) – a unique developmental strategy designed to grow the systemic capacity for sustainable learning and change within a system, in a way that continually increases the system’s contribution to the wellbeing of all life.

Gear for the Journey includes an extensive collection of lenses, frameworks and models designed to support our transformational challenge as a species. They provide new ways of seeing as well as boundary-bridging and innovation-evoking language. Each of the images in the “Carousel” at the top of the home page can help you in growing your systems’ capacity for self-evolving.

GlobalGEA’s Offer, Request and Promise sketches out the intended relationship between GlobalGEA and an individual ally or a system, and provides clear ways to engage with us.

Pioneers — in this section we’ll describe some of the early examples of generative initiatives and shine the light on their design features.

Blog — is a vehicle for GlobalGEA’s founders and pioneering allies to broadcast news, challenges, offerings and reflections.

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  1. charles paulden says:

    I am running for Supervisor 1st District, Santa Cruz
    I am glad that you share many of my ideas and goals
    Let us work together from our greater wisdom for a better future