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Each of the 13 Wholeness Lenses is a portal into a radically more life-nurturing future. Together they provide us robust frameworks and language that help us transcend today’s pervasive polarities and reductionist thinking.

If we want to shift our trajectory as a species, we will need to make a few fundamental adjustments to the “design” of our social forms (our governments, corporations, institutions, regions, communities, neighborhoods, etc.). To make those adjustments we need to understand the root cause of the results we’re getting, and also see the full range of possibilities,especially if we’re committed to go for a future that works for all of life.

Each of these 13 Wholeness Lenses is designed for out-of-box exploration — to help us gain elevation above the systemic rats-maze created by our dominant stories and structures. These lenses are mutually reinforcing and cumulatively illuminating. Each reveals different aspects of what is and what might be.

Telescopes are essential gear for astronomers. Microscopes can be a biologist’s best friend. Whereas telescopes and microscopes are usually designed for individuals, Wholeness Lenses are most useful with groups. We more easily consider new perspectives when exploring with friends and colleagues. E.g., when a leadership team collectively and persistently uses these lenses to survey the landscape of their home social system — their purpose, mission, strategies, processes, practices and/or supporting structures — new possibilities show up.

Wholeness Lenses help evolutionaries expand their sense of the possible. They provide frameworks and distinctions that enable groups to have conversations that transcend the polarizing stories and structures so endemic to today’s social forms. They help us escape the gravitational pull of today’s dominant worldview. They provide a means of re-framing intractable dilemmas in a way that supports the emergence of “both/and” breakthroughs.

Like microscopes and telescopes, our Wholeness Lenses require practice and adjustment time before you can appreciate their potential.

Our dominant worldview is a huge elephant. Collectively we are like the blind men describing this beast. Our Wholeness Lenses can not only begin to restore sight but also enable us to see and move toward wholeness.

TIP: We recommend using a “just-in-time” approach in introducing these lenses. Introduce a lens when it’s a good fit for the situation — when it’s clearly value-adding. Then reinforce its subsequent use until it becomes a common practice.


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