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Strategic alliances did much to support the emergence of the Information Age. The picture suggests why they became so popular and effective. When there is a synergistic fit and a good design and implementation, both parties gain much more than it costs them. During the last half century, Silicon Valley provided a more nurturing environment for strategic alliances than any other region on this planet.

A generative alliance includes and transcends the traditional strategic alliance. A generative alliance includes all the desirable features of a successful strategic alliance and goes beyond it. The generative alliance transcends the strategic alliance in three important ways:

  • Quality of Purpose — Implicit in a generative alliance is the purpose of supporting each other in maximizing their contributions to the well-being of all of life affected by the alliance.
  • Quality of Relationships and Agreements — Implicit in the generative alliance is a commitment on the part of both allies to develop and maintain “Blue Zone” relationships and agreements.
  • Quality of Commitments — See Personal 10X Commitments to get a sense of the power and relevance of such commitments to the efficacy of a generative alliance.

Bottom Line: Generative alliances can literally multiply the creation of true wealth (physical, mental, spiritual as well as financial well-being) when compared with traditional strategic alliances. Generative alliances will distinguish and accelerate the emergence of the Age of Conscious Evolution.

How can this be? We have only to look at the form of “alliance” called marriage to see the difference in lasting contribution between alliances that are merely “strategic” and those that are truly generative.

We at MISA have been evolving generative alliances among ourselves for over a decade. It’s been a wondrously rewarding journey, and, in many ways, we’ve just begun.

Criteria for Generative Allianaces (A Starter List):

  • Strong commitment to other’s commitment to make a 10X shift in their lasting contribution to the well-being of life.
  • Generative strategies/practices that help ensure that all parties are delighted with their mutual nurturance.
  • Great alignment of purpose, principles and goals.
  • Potential for real synergy.
  • High levels of trust.
  • Mutual commitment to the alliance as an action-learning expedition; strong commitment to mutual learning from the journey together.

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