‘Blue Star Silicon Valley’ Salon

April 5, 2013

 We see —

  • The ‘metamorphosis’ of our social systems (organizations, institutions, cities, regions) as the next great leap in our evolution as a species
  • Now as THE moment for us to make that leap. ’Yesterday’ it wasn’t possible. ‘Tomorrow’ may be too late
  • Silicon Valley (once again) as the ideal spawning ground for this great breakthrough
  • The conscious evolution of the broad field of organization and leadership development as essential to this great leap
  • A ‘Blue Star Silicon Valley’ as possible if we choose to commit to this action-learning journey
  • Pragmatic ways we might begin this audacious journey together

We invite you to an April 5 Blue Star Silicon Valley Salon where we will share our emerging vision and strategy of how such a journey might gain traction in the Valley. We suspect that you are one of the ‘game-ready infinite players (GRIPs)’ who will want to explore co-creating this audacious venture with us.

Who are we?

  • Bill Veltrop and Max Shkud (co-founders of GlobalGEA, the Global Guild of Evolutionary Architects), together with the incomparable Kimberly Wiefling, making this leap together
  • We are a commitment to serve as social architects and guides to those who are ready to embark on this great action-learning expedition

At this BSSV Salon we will —

  • Experience who we are — and begin to explore how we might want to show up in the infinite game we’re calling Blue Star Silicon Valley
  • Explore tentative personal 10X commitments as they could unfold within and contribute to such an infinite game
  • Imagine ourselves evolving as a ‘Generative Social Organism’ committed to enlivening the Blue Star Silicon Valley vision and journey
  • Provide each with a sense of whether this is a game that you want to play


When:       April 5, 10am-4:30pm (lunch is provided)
Where:     2332 Harding Avenue, Redwood City, CA



  • Blue Star Silicon Valley will become the journey of a lifetime for those who choose to play a pioneering role in its emergence
  • BSSV is a very different kind of startup. It won’t be a fit for everyone — especially at this embryonic stage
  • We request you read the Blue Star Silicon Valley prospectus. But before that, read (or reread) The Imaginal Cell Story
  • If you find yourself intrigued by the essence of BSSV, and could imagine the possibility of playing a role in evolving that story, Bill and/or Max would love to have a pre-salon synergy-seeking conversation
  • The sooner we get to know each other, the sooner the ‘clumping and clustering’ can begin

max@GlobalGEA.net, bill@GlobalGEA.net or kwiefling@me.com


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