Our Launch Strategy

GlobalGEA is setting out to promote and support societal metamorphosis, a movement into humanity’s Age of Conscious Evolution. We see reinventing our social systems as our most powerful lever in accomplishing this deep transformation. Clearly, such audacious undertaking will require extraordinary innovation and collaboration among diverse emergent evolutionary architects (EAs) scattered throughout diverse sectors, disciplines, geographies and cultures. As an entity, GlobalGEA must rapidly grow its capacity for architecting consciously evolving social systems in all sectors of our society.

Two parallel, mutually reinforcing strategies are thus essential to the successful emergence of GlobalGEA. The first strategy involves growing and evolving an action-learning, ultra-high-value-adding business eco-system of emerging evolutionary architects whose highest purpose, expertise and work are highly relevant to the GlobalGEA’s mission. We refer to this eco-system as a “generative action-learning organism” throughout this website.

Elements of this strategy will include —

  • In-depth synergy-seeking inquiry sessions with those EAs whose expertise and capacities are most relevant to our mission.
  • Conducting and summarizing these sessions in ways that will help grow alliances with and among these EAs.
  • Featuring these EAs in the Pioneers section of this site in ways that will help multiply their global visibility in relationship to the transformation of our social systems.
  • Eliciting guidance and support of these EAs in shaping GlobalGEA in a way that is not only sustainable, but also truly generative.

The second strategy involves identifying, connecting with and contributing to generative initiatives and organizations from all sectors of society that are aligned with our cause and can significantly benefit from GlobalGEA’s unique expertise in evolutionary social system design.

Elements of this strategy will include –

  • Identifying and studying these initiatives/organizations with the goal of appreciating and featuring on our website those design aspects that are most generative, educational and paradigm-shaping for the GlobalGEA community and the field of evolutionary social system design as a whole.
  • Creating opportunities for GlobalGEA to contribute to and dramatically increase the long-lasting impact of these initiatives/organizations on the wellbeing of those they serve.

A Request —

While we have a robust list of EAs we want to connect with at this stage, we invite you to send us your suggestions and nominations. Have a personal relationship with an EA whom we must reach? Help us by facilitating the connection!

We need your help in identifying and connecting us with the relevant generative initiatives and organizations described above. Of special interest to us are regional metamorphosis initiatives, i.e. initiatives that aim to improve the well-being of a region or a city as a whole. Send us your suggestions and ideas here.


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